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We believe everyone needs to be across the latest developments in future technology, but with all the advancements in this space, who has the time to stay across all that news?

Five days a week the Moonshot podcast team scouts for the most interesting news covering everything from artificial intelligence to electric cars. Save time, and your sanity, by becoming a Moonshot Daily member.

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A daily digest of the latest developments in future technology, along with the expert analysis and reporting that you rely on from the Moonshot podcast team.

Daily Updates

Daily updates (Monday to Friday) on the latest in future technology. We'll curate the news you should care about, and give our analysis on the ones with the biggest impact.

Quick to Read

Don't spend all day reading through lengthy emails. Each edition of Moonshot Daily is designed to be a curated quick read. We bring you the best stories so you don't have to search for them.

No Ads

Every Moonshot Daily subscription comes with an ad-free feed of the Moonshot podcast. It's the content you love without all the noise.

Global Focus

We scour the globe to bring you the latest updates. Don't be constrained to local knowledge when there's so much happening abroad.

Great Conversation Starters

By reading Moonshot Daily you'll be across everything happening in areas like artifical inteligence, robotics, and flying cars - so you'll always have something interesting to talk about.

Support Independent Journalism

Moonshot Daily is produced by the team at Lawson Media - an independent media company based in Melbourne, Australia. By reading Moonshot Daily you'll help keep independent journalism sustainable.

Simple Pricing

Don't get confused by complicated pricing. We've come up with some simple and sustainable pricing options for you to enjoy. All prices are in USD, and you can cancel anytime.


$90 / year (USD)
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Frequently asked questions

Have a question about Moonshot Daily? We would love to hear what you concern is.

  • Daily Digest of Future Tech
  • Quick to read but packed with great content
  • Support Independent Journalism

Moonshot Daily costs $9 USD per month or $90 USD per year. That means for less than $2 per week you can help us connect the world with the latest moonshot developments.

It takes a lot of time to curate all the best information and provide our expert analysis. We looked at what it would cost for us to put the newsletter together and came up with a price point that we believe will make it sustainable. If we aren't sustainable we'll end up failing like many other media organisations. Every 600 subscribers will enable us to hire a new journalist to build out reporting capacity.

In order to provide you with a consistent level of service we need to keep a certain amount of your information. This is all handled securely through our payment providers Chargebee and Stripe. We also store email addresses with our email provider Mailchimp. If ever you want to delete your account - as per GDPR regulations all of your data will be cleaned from those services.

You get a daily newsletter digest of the latest in future technology. The newsletter will be delivered Monday to Friday. The only exception to this is for public holidays in Victoria, Australia. Each edition will be published at around 10PM in Melbourne.

If ever you'd like to update your account details, just click on the 'Manage Account' button in the navigation bar. That will open a popup window that will allow you to move to a different pricing tier, or update your billing information.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You will still continue to receive the newsletter until the end of your subscription period so you can change your mind again. If you really, really don't like the email and want it to stop immediately, or if you've recently subscribed and would like a refund. Just email and we'll help you out. Please note, full refunds can only be issued within the first 14 days of your membership.

We're still doing the Moonshot podcast, and as a Moonshot Daily member you'll also get an AD-FREE feed. You can listen to Moonshot in your favourite podcast app or at But once you subscribe we'll send you a special url to access your ad-free content.

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